deoway studio was born in my heart in 2001 as a result of the marriage between the young but deeply increasing Love for colours, shapes and moving elements & the Passion and strong desire of learning the Magic power of the Universe.

As the years were passing, this passion grew stronger. And learning, trying, failing, trying again, understanding, exploring, discovering... have become part of it all. No matter how tough or sunny the days turn out to be, I love them unconditionally... because of those unbelievably great, magically powerful, most lovely moments of Faith, and the confidence I can eventually create something really Good.

The journey of getting there is one of the most exciting & divine things in life.

No matter if I'm creating a website for delicious pizza "you can’t refuse" (yes, Soprano’s I’m talking about you), baby food (there are a lot of thankful mamas, Humana), an inspiring start-up grown to be a successful company of addicted to hard work guys (cheers, ATG), insanely deep and inspiring colours artist can bless us with (you are a maestro, dear Georgi Petrov), or designing the “Daily raw” - the book of healthy living created by a purely green and careful as a parent NatureInsider (appreciated by so many and thank you, Apple, for including it in ‘New and noteworthy’ and later in ‘What’s hot’ in your iBookstore during all of 2012), I do my work the best I can. Passionately and confidently.

By researching, understanding your core values in business, focusing on what really matters in every single step, through the years I built my own process of realizing successful projects. And I continue developing it. For the sake of the Universe’s law of the never-ending progress.